Each year, the SHHS Alumni Association selects a minimum of two graduating seniors to receive scholarships, based on a comprehensive scoring rubric which considers each applicant’s academic performance, work experience, community involvement, extracurricular activities, awards, financial need, special household circumstances, letters of recommendation, post-high school plans, and short essays written by the student.

Scholarships are funded by our Fall Fling and Spring Fling events, which bring together alumni from all 50+ years. Some say our Flings are like a mini-reunion, but for alumni of every class year at once, together.

100% of Fling cover charges and raffle item proceeds
benefit our Scholarship Fund.

The number of scholarships and dollar amounts awarded vary from year to year based on that year’s donated scholarship funds. If you’re unable to attend a Fling but would like to donate to our Scholarship Fund, please note that your donation should be designated for scholarships.

Thank you for helping us help Texans!

2019 Scholarship Committee members, representing SHHS classes 1973-2008

2019 Scholarship Committee members, representing SHHS classes 1973-2008

Awarding scholarships at SHHS Senior Awards Night 2019

Awarding scholarships at SHHS Senior Awards Night 2019

SHHS Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients

* Judy Thomas Memorial Scholarship, est 2019
** Laurie Cree Flynn Memorial Scholarship, est 2019

2019 - $9,500 awarded
Ruben Barron Jr.
Gabrielle Bethany Harper
Nate Kopetsky
Daniel Luna
Katherine Tran
Luz Villarreal
Allison Zarate Rodriguez*
Gbemisola Raji**

2017 - $7,500 awarded
Ashleigh Bashor
Destiny Dominguez
Marissa Lechon
Anthony Miramontes
Ivan Ponce
Jeffery Simon

2015 - $6,000 awarded
Citlalic Araujo
Ashley Sanchez
Maria Santos
Elizabeth Sunda

2018 - $10,500 awarded
Arielle Anderson
Heidi Estrada
Joycelin Henderson
Jaquelin Lara
Mayra Morales
Juan Rincon Orocio
Luis Roa Santoyo
Arnold Sanchez

2016 - $9,750 awarded
Jessica Cardenas
Jenifer Garcia
Angel Gomez
Esther Gouliev
Karen Jaimes
Alexa Perez
Gaby Steadman
Tan Ta
Kyra Wiggins

2014 - $10,000 awarded
Hend Ali
John Paul Gonzalez
Mari Carmen Shirley Hernandez
Linda Nguyen

SHHS Alumni Scholarship Recipients

Katherine Nash $2,500
Nam Nguyen $2,500

Rosendo Gonzales $1,250
Jessica Long $1,250

Yesenia Castillo $1,000
Tina Tran $1,000

Ivy Fisher
Chester Nguyen

Trey Stewart $500
Jayme Thomas $500

Marisol Gonzalez
Karina Solorio

Vu Cao
E. Makor

Nelly Castellon
Dominique Goldsby

Angie Espinoza $1,000
Chau Kim Nguyen $1,000

Kenna Barge $500
Erica Garcia $500

Anriana Araiza
Hoai Xuan Phan

Cathy A. Obhiamo
April Rios

Melissa Gutierrez
Obiyo Ozuruoke

Janeisha Spruiell